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Explore 5K+ Korean songs featuring both Korean and Romanized lyrics. Improve your singing and pronunciation with idol trainers and our AI listening technology.

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all popular kpop lyrics with romanized and korean and translation
AI kpop idol trainers video lyrics lessons

50K+ Users say

The teenage kpop fan girl who loves kpop songs and artists

Barbara 🇺🇸

“This is great app and definitely helps to improve speaking Korean lyric part."
K-pop fans who loves to sing BTS, blackpink, stray kids, seventeen, twice's song

Iva 🇩🇪

"I have improved my pronuncation with more songs especially OMG by New Jeans!"
K-POP idol wanna be, she wants to dance and sing kpop and also learning korean

Devora 🇮🇳

"Your app is perfect for me! I will be K-POP IDOL, so I have to learn korean and singing. I can do both with this app!"

Easily Learn Your Favorite Kpop Songs

Full lists of Kpop songs:

Kpop Pro's got you covered with 5K+ Kpop songs and music videos, and guess what? We're updating daily! You'll find all your beloved K-pop stars right here, from BTS and Blackpink to Seventeen, TXT, Enhypen, Straykids, Twice, and many more!

Featured lyrics:

Tired of struggling with the Korean lyrics in your idols' songs? Kpop Pro provides every song with Hangul, Romanized, and even translated lyrics! You can practice the lyrics while learning some basic Korean along the way!

All popular time-sync easy lyrics. k-pop fans can just listen, sing, and learn through these lyrics
AI kpop idol trainer's video lessons

Boost Your Confidence with Idol Trainers and AI Listening

Practice lyrics with Kpop trainers:

Our bilingual Kpop trainers break down the lyrics, demonstrating how to pronounce every word, and offer coaching to elevate your singing skills..

Refine pronunciation with AI listening: 

Why keep repeating lyrics aloud if you're unsure about your pronunciation? Our AI listening technology provides instant feedback to help you perfect your pronunciation.

Record & Make Karaoke Lyrics Video

Ready to showcase your incredible vocal talent to the world? Look no further! Our recording feature synchronizes your performance with your face, kpop lyrics, and the background music. Share with friends and brace yourself for your viral voice cover on social media!

A girl records herself with new lyrics video maker feature

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