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Perfecting the Pronunciation of Stray Kids Members' Real Names


Hello, everyone! Today, we embark on a journey to master the pronunciation of the real names of the members of Stray Kids, one of the most electrifying groups in the K-Pop scene. Understanding and correctly pronouncing their names is a wonderful way to connect more deeply with the group and show your support. Let's dive in!

Pronunciation Guide

Stray Kids, known for their dynamic performances and deeply personal music, consists of eight members, each with a unique name that carries its own story. Here's how to pronounce each member's real name correctly:

1. Bang Chan (방찬)

- Pronunciation: Bang Chan

- Explanation: The name is pronounced with a short, sharp 'a', similar to 'ah' in 'father'. The 'ch' is like the 'ch' in 'check'.

2. Lee Know (리노) / Minho (이민호)

- Pronunciation: Lee Min-ho

- Explanation: 'Lee' is pronounced as it appears. 'Min' is like the 'min' in 'mint', and 'ho' is pronounced like 'ho' in 'hope'.

3. Changbin (창민) / Seo Changmin (서창민)

- Pronunciation: Seo Chang-min

- Explanation: 'Seo' is similar to 'saw', 'Chang' is like 'chang' in 'change', and 'min' remains consistent as in 'mint'.

4. Seungmin (승민) / Kim Seungmin (김승민)

- Pronunciation: Kim Seung-min

- Explanation: 'Seung' sounds like 'sung' with a 'eu' as in 'burn', and 'min' as previously described.

5. Hyunjin (현진) / Hwang Hyunjin (황현진)

- Pronunciation: Hwang Hyun-jin

- Explanation: 'Hwang' rhymes with 'wrong', 'Hyun' is pronounced 'hyoon' (with a 'oo' sound as in 'food'), and 'jin' is straightforward as in 'jeans'.

6. Felix (펠릭스) / Lee Yongbok (이용복)

- Pronunciation: Lee Yong-bok

- Explanation: 'Lee' as before, 'Yong' is like 'yawn' with a 'g' at the end, and 'ho' as in 'hope'.

7. Han (한) / Han Jisung (한지성)

- Pronunciation: Han Ji-sung

- Explanation: 'Han' is pronounced as it looks, 'Ji' as in 'g' in 'gee', and 'sung' as in 'sunglasses'.

8. I.N (아이엠) / Yang Jeongin (양정인)

- Pronunciation: Yang Jeong-in

- Explanation: 'Yang' rhymes with 'long', 'Jeong' is like 'jung' in 'jungle', and 'in' as in 'bin'.

Practice with a Video

For a more detailed guide, check out this video!

It's a great resource to hear the names said out loud by a native speaker, helping you to perfect your pronunciation.

or you can download kpop pro app and practice using your own voice!


Correctly pronouncing the names of Stray Kids members is not just about getting the sounds right; it's about showing respect and appreciation for the individual identities of these talented artists. With practice, you'll be able to pronounce their names like a pro, deepening your connection to the music and the message of Stray Kids.

Remember, every effort you make to pronounce their names accurately is a sign of your support and love for Stray Kids. Keep practicing, and don't forget to enjoy the journey!

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