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Learn Korean from BTS & Seventeen's Hit Songs

최종 수정일: 2023년 10월 31일

What songs do you listen to as your work tunes? For me, whether I'm studying, working, or just feeling down, Kpop is my go-to. Strangely enough, it lifts my mood and energizes me. To me, K-Pop songs are like energy drinks for the ears. Some lyrics never fail to give me a boost, no matter how many times I listen to them. Do you have songs that do the same for you? Today, I'll introduce two songs that always lift my spirits.

Learning a new language can be a daunting task, but what if you could make it fun and motivational? K-Pop offers not just catchy tunes but also meaningful lyrics that can inspire you. In this blog post, we'll explore two K-Pop songs that not only help you learn Korean but also give you that much-needed energy boost.


BTS - "Run BTS"

"논현 100미터 우리 자리"

"nonhyeon 100m uri jari"

"Nonhyeon 100 meters, our place"

"학교 끝나면 회사 calling"

"hakgyo kkeutnamyeon hoesa calling"

"Company call after school"

"10년을 Wait wait"

"10년을 wait, wait"

"For 10 years, wait, wait"

BTS, now a global sensation, started from humble beginnings. The lyrics vividly portray their struggles as trainees, practicing in a basement room. The line "10년을 Wait wait" gives you a sense of relief and newfound respect for BTS. If they could wait for 10 years without any guarantee of success, your struggles might not seem as insurmountable.


Booseksoon (SEVENTEEN Unit) - "Fighting"

"(도겸)아침밥은 Pass 10분 더 자야 돼 Oh"

"(dogyeom)achimbabeun Pass 10bun deo jaya dwae Oh"

"(Do Kyum) I have to sleep 10 more minutes for breakfast with Pass Oh"

"힘내야지 뭐 어쩌겠어"

"himnaeyaji mwo eojjeogesseo"

"Cheer up, what should I do"

"(호시)파이팅 해야지 파이팅 해야지"

"(hosi)paiting haeyaji paiting haeyaji"

"(Hoshi) I shoud do fighting I should do fighting"

The song feels like an energy drink in musical form. The phrase "Fighting 해야지" is a realistic take on the obligations we all face. It's a contradictory situation where you're resigned to your fate but still give it your all. The song resonates with working professionals and students alike, who can't just quit but find a way to power through.

K-Pop is more than just a genre; it's a treasure trove of life lessons and linguistic gems. Whether you're a student, a working professional, or someone in between, these songs offer a unique blend of motivation and language learning. So, the next time you're feeling down or stuck in a rut, let K-Pop lift your spirits and enrich your Korean vocabulary.


Feel free to jam to these songs and let the lyrics inspire you. Who knows, you might find yourself singing along in fluent Korean sooner than you expected!


A Final Note to All Students

To everyone out there grinding through exam season, hang in there! Let the power of Kpop fuel your studies and keep your spirits high. You've got this!

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